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Toddler Thursday- Shamrock Quesadilla

In an attempt to cater to those of you who have very young children with type 1 diabetes, I have created a “Toddler Tuesday” series. Each Tuesday, I pick one of my toddler daughter’s meals from the week to share with you- the Toddler Tuesday  Meal. These featured meals are meant to give you inspiration of new things to make and try for those of you with younger kids. Plus, all featured meals include the carbohydrate breakdown of each food item, so that you can easily add/remove items to accommodate your child’s likes/dislikes.


Here’s this week’s Toddler Tuesday Thursday meal, assembled inside an innobaby container:

Shamrock Quesadilla (Tumaro’s Low In Carb Garden Veggie Wrap, cut out with a shamrock cookie cutter & melted shredded cheddar cheese)= 2 carbs
Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps= 4 carbs
Cucumber Sticks= 0.5 carbs
Ranch Dressing= 1 carb
Grapes= 3.5 carbs
Kiwi= 2 carbs

Meal Total= 13 carbohydrates

For more toddler meal ideas, complete with carb counts, visit my Pinterest board: Toddler Tuesdays.

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