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Genteel Lancing Device Review

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You guys, I am seriously so excited to share this product with you! It is called the Genteel Lancing Device, and it is truly incredible! Ever since C was diagnosed with diabetes we have seen and explored other lancing devices that claim to be pain-free. While some hurt less than others, none have truly been pain-free. That is until they developed this device!

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The skeptic in me felt that it was too good to be true. While C has largely gotten used to the finger pokes, they are still not pain-free. He has just accepted that this is his reality, and poking his fingers is just part of how he takes care of himself. But as a mom, obviously I don’t want him to just have to accept that, and the fact that there is a product that can eliminate one of the more painful aspects of this disease, is truly incredible!

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First let me start by telling you a little bit about how the device works, and what sets it apart from other lancing devices. To me one of the coolest things about this device is that you can test blood from many different sites on the body- not just fingertips. You can test on the chest, upper arms, stomach, forearms, hips, fingers and palms, thighs, and calves. Having this flexibility is invaluable! You get to give those poor fingertips a break!

Another big thing that sets it apart from other lancing devices is that it uses vacuum, vibration and depth control to get the perfect drop of blood. The lancet only reaches blood capillaries and avoids hitting pain nerves all together. The diagram below perfectly demonstrates this.

Genteel Screenshot 3
Here is a picture detailing the different parts of the Genteel Lancing Device:
Genteel Screenshot 4
C created a video in which he demonstrates how to use the device. You can view that here.
If you are someone who retains info better by reading, here are some diagrams to walk you through prepping your Genteel, and performing a blood draw.
First, you need to pick your test site, then prepare the Genteel for lancing.
Genteel Screenshot 5
Now you’re ready to perform a blood draw.
Genteel Screenshot 6

While it does work differently than other lancet devices (therefore creating a small learning curve) C picked up how to use it after just a couple of tries.

The box also comes with a sheet of stickers you can decorate your device with. I personally love how C decided to style his.


My only regret is not having this product earlier! I cannot imagine how nice this would’ve been to have when he was just a little toddler who despised getting his fingers pricked.

I seriously cannot say enough good things about this device. If you or your child dreads finger pokes, this device is worth every penny! If you want to try one yourself click here to purchase. Be sure to use coupon code: FINGERPRICKIN15 for $15 off! If you get one, let me know how you like it!

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