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My main mission when I started this website was to help other families navigate life with type 1 diabetes. Because of the age of my son, all of my content has been based around providing kid-centric meal and snack ideas.

Now that I have an infant in the house again, I often think about what we would have done had C been diagnosed any earlier than he was. Diabetes management with a toddler was hard enough. I simply can’t imagine if he had been an infant. But yet, I know that is many people’s reality.

In recent months my infant daughter started solids. I’ve made it a priority to make all of her food thus far vs. buying pre-packaged baby food. It seems like each time I do, I find my mind wandering to those families who have such little ones with this awful disease. So for a few months I’ve been mulling over the idea to share my baby food creations on here (with nutritional information), in hopes to reach those families with itty-bitty babies who are navigating life with diabetes.

I questioned if this would really help anyone. I suppose the percentage of people who have an infant with type 1 and wants to make their own baby  food is relatively small, but even if this helps one person, I would consider it a success. Of course, I also never imagined how far the original concept of Finger Prickin’ Good could go either, so perhaps there is a gigantic community that a baby-focused type 1 recipe series can reach in the end. As a side note, if you happen to be a parent of an infant with type 1, please reach out to me and let me know if there are specific topics you would find helpful, and I will try to cover them.

So… back to the purpose of this post and the exciting announcement I’d like to make… When I was still on the fence about starting down this path, I stumbled on an opportunity to partner with one of the best baby food product companies in the world, Beaba, and it gave me the push that that I needed to actually make this happen. So, I’m very excited to announce that I will be partnering with Beaba to bring an ongoing series of baby food recipes, tips, and product reviews to Finger Prickin’ Good. As long as my baby is still in the baby food phase (and perhaps into toddler-hood), I’ll be featuring recipes from first fruits and vegetables to more intricate combinations, all prepared using the insanely cool babycook pro. I hope that you are, or someone you know, can benefit from this. And if you can’t directly use the recipes and information, I hope that it can inspire discussion or bring awareness to the fact that there is a whole subset of newly diagnosed kiddos who can’t even eat solid food, yet need to deal with the giant food challenge that comes with being type 1.

Of course, I’ll still be focusing on all of my “normal” content, as well. This will just bring a new, hopefully interesting, element to the site and to our little community.


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