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Friday Featured Lunch 12.5.14

I pack my son a fresh school lunch every day. Each Friday, I pick one lunch from the week to share with you- the Friday Featured Lunch. These featured lunches are meant to give you inspiration of new things to make and try with your kids. Plus, all featured lunches include the carbohydrate breakdown of each food item, so that you can easily add/remove items to accommodate your child’s likes/dislikes.


Here is this week’s featured lunch packed in EasyLunchboxes:

Summer Sausage= 1 carb
Whole Wheat Ritz Crackers (5)= 11 carbs
Colby Jack Cheese Bar= 0 carbs
Strawberries= 5 carbs
Carrots= 2 carbs
Chobani Yogurt Tube= 7 carbs
Angie’s Boomchickapop Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn Popcorn= 9 carbs
Level Foods Peanut Butter Cups= 13 carbs
*A note about the peanut butter cups…we just recently discovered Level Foods products and are yet to have purchased something C doesn’t like! They have bars, shakes, glucose gels, and other snacks, all of which are diabetic friendly. I HIGHLY recommend checking out their products for quick snacks to have around the house!

Lunch Total= 48 carbohydrates

For more lunchbox ideas, complete with carb counts, visit my Pinterest board: FPG Featured Lunches.

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