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Freezing Meals

This is how I spent the majority of my Saturday- getting a jump start on March meal planning.


Years ago, my husband and I made a real commitment to start eating out less. We succeeded in those goals, but since the new year we have made a real effort to eat out even less than before. Now, on busy nights, instead of eating out or getting fast food because I don’t feel up for cooking, we try to make do with stuff we have at home (even if it is just sandwiches for dinner). We’re trying to save dining out for special meals, not just quick meals.

So far we’ve done really well with it and have seen good results from a health/blood sugar standpoint and also financially. It does however take a lot of planning (I literally look ahead at what we have going on each week and have a “plan” for every day and every meal).  I am obviously in the kitchen for good portions of each and every day now, so to take a little off of my weekly plate I’ve decided to give freezing meals a shot.

I would like to have one day, towards the beginning of each month, where I freeze a bunch of meals and then incorporate those into my weekly plans throughout the month. I started this month with freezing 10 meals for March. I admit this took me most of my Saturday to do, but it was also my first time making this many at once, and I did learn several things I will do differently for next month that will hopefully make my time in the kitchen shorter. I think I will really feel the reward next month. Check back with me in a month and ask me if it was worth it ;).

Anyone else freeze meals? Any tips, suggestions or favorite recipes you have to share? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. I sure need to get into freezer meals or at least better meal planning.

    • Stephanie,
      This was my first month freezing this many meals at once. If I get a good system down, my hope is to share my method and diabetic friendly freezer recipes. Stayed tuned! :)

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